The most satisfying part about last night’s election results wasn’t the winner.  It was when the opinions, false equivalencies, credibility, and egos of the (mostly right-wing) “pundits” (If we define ‘pundit’ as someone who eats glue ) were proven wholly irrelevant by New York Times’ Nate Silver.   I’ve never been mistaken for a hipster, but I’ve totally been following Silver’s 538 blog since before it was cool.

While his success is certainly deserved, the bigger message is that non-biased, non-partisan, hard statistics and reason trumped agenda-driven, fact-absent op-eds in both traditional media and online.  Many, many of those people got up on their soapbox before the election to call Silver a snake-oil salesman.

I’d like to take the opportunity to tell the following people to go fuck themselves:

Erickson has long been a laughingstock, but I’m certainly surprised at Scarborough.  I’m going to update this throughout the day to ensure we’ve called out the collective amateur hour, but the mouth-breathers above who still think his stats are ‘zomg-loaded-with-librul-bias!’ should feel free to compare his election projections with the actual results.

Wish I could be next to you so I could catch your tears in a a jar and help write your apology columns.

Welcome to the era of accountability.

Results on the left. Silver on the right.












Feel free to send any articles my way that haven’t yet been scrubbed.   I know there are a ton more. I’ll add them to the list above.